Press Release - September 9, 2015
EZ Resort Vacations Adds Support For Timeshare Resales In Addition To Timeshare Rentals At WWW.EZRESORTVACATIONS.COM

EZ Resort Vacations, a New York-based company known for providing a simplified, automated, and secure online timeshare vacation rental experience, has extended its offering and now supports timeshare resale listings as well. With this new service, the company's online marketplace becomes a one-stop shop for timeshare owners, renters, and buyers for all their needs.

The new service offering helps timeshare owners to manage their rental and resale listings on one site and gives them flexibility to easily exchange information between rental and resale listings with a click of a button. Owners can now list their properties for sale and keep renting the same property until a right offer comes through and the property is sold.

At the same time, renters and potential buyers can browse both types of listings on a single web site and look at all their options before making up their mind with regard to renting versus purchasing. It is not uncommon in the resale market for the most aggressive resale offers to be as low as $1. Many repeated renters would be able to act on resale offers, especially, if they have been at the property and have really liked it.

Timeshare unit owners can list their properties for sale on an a la carte basis for as low as $32.99 with a right to a refund of the listing fee if their timeshare listing did not generate any interest, communication, or leads from potential buyers. Owners and potential buyers can also use an electronic and instant price negotiation functionality that is available on the platform.

About EZ Resort Vacations:
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. is a New York-based corporation that provides an online marketplace for timeshare owners, renters, and buyers to rent, buy, or sell timeshare properties directly from each other. The service offering makes it easier, worry-free, secure, and cost-effective for all parties to rent, buy, or sell timeshare units. The company was founded by a timeshare owner and a renter and an expert in information technology, web site development, and e-commerce marketing, Dr. Isaac Gabriel, in 2011. Services offered by EZ Resort Vacations allow for easy timeshare rental and resale processes. The company's offering also enables all parties to negotiate prices instantly on the web site, alleviates stress and aggravation involved when dealing with unknown parties, significantly minimizes the likelihood of becoming a victim of financial fraud, thus, ensuring a secure experience. Finally, the cost savings that the parties are able to realize by using the company's low-priced services, allow for discounted timeshare offerings. The company launched its online services in June 2013. More information can be obtained on the corporate web site at The company can be contacted via email at pr(at)ezresortvacations(dot)com.