Press Release - April 11, 2013
April 11, 2013. Mineola, NY.

EZ Resort Vacations, Inc., provider of an online marketplace for easy, worry-free, secure, and money-saving timeshare rental experience, was interviewed by the World Website Directory at Classifieds1000. The interview questions covered details about the business behind the website, factors influenced the founder to create the website, factors that differentiate the company from the competition, as well as the company’s eventual goal.

The company described its automated, 10-step process for timeshare rentals that significantly simplifies the rental process as it exists today in the industry while adding various secure features that drastically minimize fraud, thus giving parties a piece of mind. It is interesting to note that the idea to start the company came after its founder, Dr. Isaac Gabriel, has rented his own timeshare units and was also renting units from other owner. Frustrated with the process, he decided to create an ideal offering that he, as a timeshare owner and a renter, would like to have. As he always says, the company was created by a timeshare owner and a renter for timeshare owners and renters.

The company’s offering competes with similar companies primarily based on the process itself, its implementation and automation, price, and extraordinary and comprehensive background and skills of the company’s founder that positioned him well to make the company successful. The company’s eventual goal is to make the rental process transparent for the involved parties and keep them satisfied.

Full interview can be found here

About EZ Resort Vacations:
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. provides an electronic marketplace to make it easier, worry-free, secure, and cost-effective for both, owners and renters, to rent timeshare resort properties. The company helps timeshare owners and vacationers to rent timeshare resorts by providing them with a web site interface and a proprietary rental process. Services offered by EZ Resort Vacations allow for an easy timeshare rental process. The company’s offering also enables both parties to negotiate prices instantly on the web site, alleviates stress and aggravation involved when dealing with unknown parties, and significantly minimizes the likelihood of becoming a victim of financial fraud. Finally, timeshare owners and vacationers are able to realize substantial cost savings.