Press Release - July 31, 2012
July 31, 2012. Mineola, NY.

EZ Resort Vacations, Inc., a New York-based startup company that provides an electronic marketplace for timeshare resort rentals, announces plans to launch its services in October 2012. "Our goal is to simplify timeshare resort rental experience for both, owners and renters. Let's not forget that the company was created by a timeshare owner and a renter for timeshare owners and renters. Who else can better understand issues and pain points owners and renters are facing when renting timeshare properties?" said Dr. Isaac J. Gabriel, the President and CEO of the company. The company’s offering consists of an easy-to-use web site interface and a proprietary rental process that significantly simplifies the timeshare resorts rental experience for both parties. Our customers are able to realize numerous benefits as follows:

For Renters
    * simplified rental process
    * protect themselves from “phony” reservations
    * low-priced escrow services
    * free electronic rental agreements
    * ability to negotiates prices in a fast manner with minimal interaction with the owner
    * maximize savings and obtain the lowest possible prices
For Owners
    * simplified rental process
    * 100% refundable listing fee if the listing did not generate any leads
    * minimize time the property is unrented
    * ability to negotiate prices in a fast manner with minimal interaction with the renter
    * no fees for processing rental transactions
    * free electronic rental agreements
    * low-priced escrow services
    * protect themselves from the renter's fraudulent behavior and avoid chargebacks for credit card payments

About EZ Resort Vacations:
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. provides an electronic marketplace to make it easier, worry-free, secure, and cost-effective for both, owners and renters, to rent timeshare resort properties. The company helps timeshare owners and vacationers to rent timeshare resorts by providing them with a web site interface and a proprietary rental process. Services offered by EZ Resort Vacations allow for an easy timeshare rental process. The company’s offering also enables both parties to negotiate prices instantly on the web site, alleviates stress and aggravation involved when dealing with unknown parties, and significantly minimizes the likelihood of becoming a victim of financial fraud. Finally, timeshare owners and vacationers are able to realize substantial cost savings.