Press Release - August 8, 2011
September 28, 2011. Mineola, NY.

In the article titled "Five Ways It Can Hurt The Business For Not Having A Company Mission" published in the online ESB journal, the President and CEO of EZ Resort Vacations, Dr. Isaac J. Gabriel, discusses the importance of having a mission statement for business enterprises and identified consequences that they might be suffering from for not having mission statements.

Many businessmen do not realize the true value of having a company’s mission statement. However, what is even more important to understand in that not having a mission statement can actually hurt the business in a number of ways. First of all, not having a mission statement negatively affects formulation of goals and the effectiveness of the company’s growth strategy. Secondly, it would also prevent the public to form an opinion about the company. Ineffective marketing campaigns represent another price companies pay for not having mission statement. In addition, it also affects a build of the appropriate technology platform to support the company’s business activities. Finally, not having a mission statement negatively affects customers’ perceptions about the company and its products and diminishes their loyalty.

About EZ Resort Vacations:
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. provides an electronic marketplace to make it easier, worry-free, secure, and cost-effective for both, owners and vacationers, to rent timeshares or vacation rental properties. The company helps timeshare owners and vacationers to rent timeshare resorts by providing them with a web site interface and a proprietary rental process. Services offered by EZ Resort Vacations allow for an easy timeshare rental process. The company’s offering also enables both parties to negotiate prices instantly on the web site, alleviates stress and aggravation involved when dealing with unknown parties, and significantly minimizes the likelihood of becoming a victim of financial fraud. Finally, timeshare owners and vacationers are able to realize substantial cost savings.

About the Author:
Isaac J. Gabriel, Ph.D. is the President and CEO of a New York-based start-up EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. Dr. Gabriel specializes in electronic commerce, online consumer behavior, marketing, and information technology management.

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