Press Release - August 8, 2011
What Do Consumers Need From A Travel Reservation Web Site?
The President and CEO of EZ Resort Vacations, Dr. Isaac J. Gabriel, presented at the 13th International Conference on Electronic Commerce in Liverpool, UK. Dr. Gabriel discussed dimensions consumers use when selecting travel reservation web sites for their travel needs.

The research conducted by Dr. Gabriel, identified two such dimensions as follows: 1) Reliability & Information, and 2) Ease of Use & Reassurance. In other words, consumers need to be confident that the site is reliable and their personal information is being handled adequately. In addition, there is an urge to get more information, whether it is related to their traveling destination or, simply, consists of comments and opinions of fellow travelers. Consumers are also looking for intuitive and user-friendly web site interfaces while preferring to have a choice of using advanced search capabilities when needed. Finally, consumers wish to get reassured that adequate secure technologies were utilized in the transmission of sensitive data when interacting with the web site. Another interesting observation is that security-related features remain to be critical to online consumers as it was in the past. The full article is published in the conference proceedings and is available through the ACM digital library.

About EZ Resort Vacations:
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. provides an electronic marketplace to make it easier, worry-free, secure, and cost-effective for both, owners and vacationers, to rent timeshares or vacation rental properties. The company helps timeshare owners and vacationers to rent timeshare resorts by providing them with a web site interface and a proprietary rental process. Services offered by EZ Resort Vacations allow for an easy timeshare rental process. The company’s offering also enables both parties to negotiate prices instantly on the web site, alleviates stress and aggravation involved when dealing with unknown parties, and significantly minimizes the likelihood of becoming a victim of financial fraud. Finally, timeshare owners and vacationers are able to realize substantial cost savings.

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