About Us
Who Are We?
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. is an independent company that provides an electronic marketplace for timeshare owners to list their timeshare units for rent or sale and vacationers and buyers to rent or buy these units directly from owners. We are not real estate or timeshare brokers. We provide a classified advertising service, a web site, and value-added tools that enable timeshare owners who wish to rent or sell their units to advertise their timeshares for rent or sale in order to find people who are interested in renting or buying a timeshare. The company was founded by a timeshare owner and a renter and an expert in information technology, e-commerce, web marketing, and timeshare rental domains, Dr. Isaac J. Gabriel. Our company has been created by a timeshare owner and a renter for timeshare owners and renters.

EZ Resort Vacations differentiates itself from the competition in a number of ways as follows:
- Our listing fees are 100% refundable if the listing did not generate any leads or communication from any of our users to the owner.
- We provide a one-stop shop where you can rent timeshares/vacation rental properties, manage payments and rental agreements, and protect your rentals by utilizing our rental protection service.
- The entire rental process from creating rental listings, searching for available rentals, making & negotiating offers, submitting payments, and signing rental agreements to using rental protection services, is automated and is completely online, thus, eliminating traditional paperwork and headaches associated with handling it, especially when geographically distributed parties are involved.
- For resale listings we have automated the process of creating rental listings, searching for available resales, and making & negotiating offers.
- Our web site provides instant and electronic negotiation capabilities that speed up the negotiation process.
- We provide free electronic rental agreements that are built in into our automated rental process.
- We do not impose any time limitation with regard to advance placement of rental listings. For example, you can create listings now for any check-in date in the future.
- Our services are offered at extremely low prices especially when you consider the value of our entire service offering.
Our Story
It all started when our founder, Dr. Gabriel, rented out his unit to a vacationer and, later on, rented a timeshare unit himself from another owner. Frustrated with a complicated, lengthy, and, more importantly, extremely risky process of renting a timeshare, Dr. Gabriel got an idea to create a rental process that is simple, inexpensive, and secure enough to give both parties a piece of mind. He thought that with his rich experience in Information Technology and e-commerce as well as knowledge in marketing and the timeshare rental domain he is well positioned to make it a success.

While pursuing an MBA degree, Dr. Gabriel designed the service offering and created a business plan and used it throughout the program. The service offering and the business plan got refined as he was receiving feedback from different MBA professors. He incorporated the company on August 1st, 2011, just a few days before he talked about online travelers needs at the 13th International Conference on Electronic Commerce in Liverpool, UK. He coordinated coding and development of the system and the web site with the most critical components of the backend system and the database developed personally by himself. The company launched its web-based operations in June 2013.
About Our Founder
Dr. Gabriel has been working in IT management, administration, architecture, analysis, design, development, programming, testing, and maintenance of databases, data warehouses, and information systems since 1997. He has worked at different companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations such as Google, Rightsflow, Healthfirst, Verified Person, etc. to name a few. He also has over twelve years of experience teaching various computer science and information systems courses at major universities nationwide.

Dr. Gabriel has received a comprehensive, formal training in multiple domains from colleges and universities in United States. In 1997, he received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree with honors (Magna Cum Laude) in Accounting from Hunter College of the City University of New York. In 2000, Dr. Gabriel graduated from Long Island University with honors and received a Master of Science (M.S.) Degree in Computer Science. In 2007, he received a Ph.D. Degree in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University. Finally, in 2011, Dr. Gabriel received an MBA degree in Technology Management, Marketing, and E-commerce from the State University of New York Institute of Technology.