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Featured Timeshare Rental Listings
Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort
United States - Florida - Lake Buena Vista
Listing Number: 127293
Check-in Date: May 25, 2019 Check-out Date: Jun 01, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 2 Bedroom View: Assigned by the resort
Price Per Night: $200.00 Rent Amount: $1400.00
Hilton Grand Vacations Club At Borgo Alle Vigne
Italy - Tuscany
Listing Number: 127187
Check-in Date: Aug 17, 2019 Check-out Date: Aug 24, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 2 Bedroom View: Varies
Price Per Night: $400.00 Rent Amount: $2800.00
Hyatt High Sierra Lodge
United States - Nevada - Incline Village
Listing Number: 127225
Check-in Date: Aug 10, 2019 Check-out Date: Aug 17, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 2 Bedroom View: Garden view
Price Per Night: $500.00 Rent Amount: $3500.00
Sanibel Beach Club Ii
United States - Florida - Sanibel Island
Listing Number: 127219
Check-in Date: Apr 27, 2019 Check-out Date: May 04, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 2 Bedroom View: Waterfront
Price Per Night: $200.00 Rent Amount: $1400.00
Montecristo Estates Luxury Villas by Pueblo Bonito
Mexico - Baja California Sur - Cabo San Lucas
Listing Number: 127102
Check-in Date: Apr 01, 2019 Check-out Date: Apr 08, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 3 Bedroom View: Ocean view
Price Per Night: $400.00 Rent Amount: $2800.00
Lawrence Welk Resort San Diego
United States - California - Escondido
Listing Number: 127250
Check-in Date Range: Jan 18, 2019 - Jan 17, 2020
Nights: 7 Unit Size: Points # of Points: 900000 View: Varies
Price Per Point: $0.00 Rent Amount: $1250.00
Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club
Aruba - Oranjestad
Listing Number: 127254
Check-in Date: Nov 23, 2019 Check-out Date: Nov 30, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 2 Bedroom View: Garden view
Price Per Night: $314.14 Rent Amount: $2199.00
Westin Ka’Anapali Ocean Resort Villas
United States - Hawaii - Maui
Listing Number: 127205
Check-in Date: Jun 22, 2019 Check-out Date: Jun 29, 2019
Nights: 7 Unit Size: 2 Bedroom View: Ocean view
Price Per Night: $392.86 Rent Amount: $2750.00
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Timeshare Rentals: Book Now, Pay Later!
EZ Resort Vacations Now Offers Multiple Cancellation Policies For Timeshare Rentals at WWW.EZRESORTVACATIONS.COM
EZ Resort Vacations Announces Addition of a Secure Payment Service For Timeshare Rentals at WWW.EZRESORTVACATIONS.COM
EZ Resort Vacations Introduces Unlimited Timeshare Resale Listings In Addition To Unlimited Timeshare Rental Listings at WWW.EZRESORTVACATIONS.COM
EZ Resort Vacations has introduced a support for timeshare resales in addition to timeshare rentals. The new service enables the company's online marketplace to become a one-stop shop for timeshare owners, renters, and buyers for all their needs.
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. discusses benefits and challenges associated with timeshare rentals in the article published in the January/February 2015th issue of TimeSharing Today magazine.
EZ Resort Vacations has extended its offering and now supports timeshare vacation rental listings by non-U.S. owners. This expansion will help many non-US owners to use and realize benefits of its offering just like U.S. owners.
EZ Resort Vacations has added a support for timeshare rental listings with floating check-in dates in addition to listings with fixed check-in dates. This adds tremendous flexibility for timeshare owners who wish to list their timeshares for rent.
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. launches its low-priced, automated online escrow service for rentals completed externally at other web sites or through classified ads. The service is available at This new rental escrow service is now offered at a low, flat price of $29.99 from both the owner and the renter, regardless of the rent amount.
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc. Launches Online Timeshare Rental and Escrow Web Site EZRESORTVACATIONS.COM. The company's offering makes it easier, worry-free, secure, and cost-effective for both, owners and vacationers, to rent timeshare resorts. The offering consists of a proprietary and automated rental process that significantly simplifies timeshare resort rental experience for both parties while enabling users to mitigate risk associated with timeshare rental transactions.
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc., provider of an online marketplace for easy, worry-free, secure, and money-saving timeshare rental experience, was interviewed by the World Website Directory.
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc., a New York-based startup company that provides an electronic marketplace for timeshare resort rentals, announces plans to launch its services in October 2012.
EZ Resort Vacations, Inc., a New York-based startup company that provides an electronic marketplace for timeshare resort rentals, launched its crowdfunding campaign.
The President and CEO of EZ Resort Vacations, Dr. Isaac J. Gabriel, discussed the importance of having mission statements for business enterprises and identified five ways it can hurt businesses for not having mission statements.
President and CEO of EZ Resort Vacations, Dr. Gabriel, presented at the 13th International Conference on Electronic Commerce in Liverpool, UK on August 3, 2001. Dr. Gabriel reported on the results of a research study that identified dimensions consumers use when selecting travel reservation web sites for their travel needs.
This article discusses ways to sell a timeshare.
Timeshare scams aren’t as rare as most people would like to think. In fact, with so many people finding the value in purchasing or selling timeshares, there are more scams than ever. This article discusses 5 tips that can help you protect yourself when buying or selling timeshares.
There are concerns about the fate of the timeshare industry as the millennial generation gets older, but there is also some evidence to suggest that it could flourish, too
There are a number of areas worldwide where the timeshare industry is showing tremendous growth, including Jamaica and Dubai, United Arab Emirates that could be part of the next timesharing boom.
According to a recent luxury travel market report, more people across the globe are travelling than ever before, and they’re spending far more money when they do. This could be great news for the timeshare industry since people have come to prefer the luxury of home rather than the impersonal nature of a hotel room.